WiiWare Updates

WiiWare UpdatesNintendo introduces WiiWare, a unique way to experience family games with your Wii console. WiiWare lets gamers experience a brand new way of gaming by delivering those classic and best seller Wii games right in your Nintendo Wii. You can easily download WiiWare games from your Wii console by simply exchanging your Wii Points. There are also demo versions of some of the games available for free.

Downloading is as easy as one two three. Just make sure that your Wii is connected to the internet and you’re all set to go. You will need some Wii Points in order to download games that are available in WiiWare. You can earn Wii points with a Wii Points Card that can be redeemed via the Wii Shop Channel or by using a credit card which can also be redeemed at the same channel.

Here are 4 easy steps on how to start using WiiWare:

1. Purchase Wii points and redeem them in the Wii Shop Channel.
2. Go to Wii Shop Channel by accessing your Wii Menu and selecting Wii Shop Channel.
3. Browse for WiiWare games.
4. Choose the game you want to purchase and click “Download”. The WiiWare game you just purchased will be downloaded automatically.

Accessing Wii games have never been this easy with Nintendo’s WiiWare. Keep checking the site for more video game trailers, gaming news and gaming updates.

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