The Bat Is Not Alone

batman arkham city screenshot

Rocksteady Studios has excluded the possibility of a cooperative manner in the game Batman: Arkham City. That has not changed, but do not contradict the notion that Batman will not be alone in his adventure. The studio has recently revealed that certain portions of the game, side missions in general, are dedicated Catwoman character.

It will not be involved any way to choose a character or the other. Optional missions are simply that they are taken from cats found through the game world, where you take the role of Selina Kyle. And there will be no simple reskin of BatmanCatwoman will have its own arsenal of tools (fewer in number) and a fighting style different from that of the Dark Knight. Even the scroll mode of the environment is different, being related to a combo system that precisely synchronized with each acrobatics and will provide a speed bonus. Not as strong as Bat, Catwoman will be better able to use stealth, and is even able to climb walls. And finally, unlike the Joker’s appearance as a playable character in the Playstation 3 version of Arkham Asylum, Catwoman will be available on all three platforms. Batman: Arkham City will be released in October.

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