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Lucha Fury Preview


The game Lucha Fury has a charming fixation having incredible art style with high level neat sense of humor. It has been blended from an outlandish comic book and setting in a bombastic nature of Mexican wrestling.

The Game: Gears of War Review

The game - Gears of War

The game: Gears of War was released at the close of the first year of the Microsoft’s gaming console – the Xbox 360. It was really an important moment for the Xbox. The game was heavily dependent on the strategy of forcing one to take cover from the enemies and shoot when you get a chance to do so.

Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Good of Duke Nukem Forever
Shrinking enemies is the real fun here and stomping on them.

Bad of Duke Nukem Forever
The platform seems boaring and the driving sections is too long. Impact of shooting is not prominent and the visuals are ugly with jerky frame rates. The game is not at all shocking and even funny or sexy.

Duke Nukem Forever Review

The wait is over after the release of Duke Nukem Forever, but it to be a seems unattractive and tedious sci-fi shooter game. Duke may be an icon in the gaming market but this time its is in the category of poorly paced levels.

Many will find the cigar-chomping alpha male in the game as misogynist pic and few may consider it to be a clever and ironic take on macho cliches. The Duke’s action is not liked by crowd and he occasionally spouts with sexist quip. He also gets a topless stripper’s lap dance and uses words starting with “f.” However, nothing provocation or sexy is found in the game. Also there is little joy in it, little fun and little excitement. There are just few occasions where you can get a glimpse of digital nipples and sometimes shoot few brain-dead aliens.

Duke Nukem is mid-1990s video game culture icon that was vulgar, brash and also committed to one-liner art. The new Duke Nukem Forever is not a revitalization of the early days first-person shooter games but it is muddles with hypocritical exercise irritationally with shooting mechanics.

E3 2011 : Assassin`s Creed:Revelations


After the EA conference followed Ubisoft  at E3 2011 and have presented in detail all the titles currently in development. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations was no exception, of course, and the piece de resistance was the new trailer which, compared with last year for the Brotherhood, was somewhat long, but full of content.
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations released on November 15 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.