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Wizards of the Coast to Release Limited Edition Reprints of D&D Books

Premium Dungeons and Dragons Books

Without a doubt, role playing games of all genres owe a debt of gratitude to Dungeons and Dragons. The role playing hobby may not even exist today if it weren’t for Gary Gygax’s introduction of D&D way back in 1974. The game’s influence can be seen not only in every table top RPG game that’s come since, but in video RPG games as well, such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Spike Video Game Awards 2011 game of the year. Sadly, Gary Gygax passed away in 2008, but he undeniably left his mark on the gaming world at large with his most famous creation.

To honor the work and memory of Gary Gygax, Wizards of the Coast is releasing limited edition reprints of three classic Dungeons and Dragons books: the Dungeon Master’s Guide, the Player’s Handbook, and the Monster Manual. The books are being dubbed the “Premium” versions and are being released on April 17, 2012 in limited quantities. The premium versions are faithful, hardcover reproductions of the original books with the same content and artwork. Only the book covers have been redesigned to commemorate the new release. Wizards of the Coast is planning to donate a portion of the profits for each book sold to the Gygax Memorial Fund. The fund has been established to honor the creator of Dungeons and Dragons with a memorial statute in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin — Gary Gygax’s hometown and the birthplace of D&D.