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Is Nintendo Doomed?

Nintendo Is Doomed

I had an interesting discussion with some of my gaming buddies in light of the recent PS Vita portable game system release. After talking about the amazing capabilities of the Playstation’s newest handheld, the talk turned to Nintendo — specifically the 3DS. We had quite a debate, with me defending Nintendo and my friends dissing the company and the 3DS.

“Nintendo is doomed,” stated one friend.

“The 3DS has no games,” said another.

Seriously, have they been looking at recent sales figures, especially in Japan where the 3DS is kicking butt? The 3DS is now considered the fastest selling handheld in its first year, even surpassing the sales figure of the mighty Nintendo DS. True, the PS Vita is on fire right now, but Sony’s success doesn’t spell Nintendo’s doom. Haters have been saying Nintendo is toast for more than a decade, and what do you see now? The company is  still alive and kicking, and in fact they have dominated both the handheld and the console race (even if some self-proclaimed “hardcore gamers” like my buddies do not approve of the 3DS or the Wii, just because the majority of Nintendo games are not targeted to their tastes).

During my debate, I argued that Nintendo is staying true to itself by catering to a wider, casual gamer audience that my friends simply dismiss. We went back and forth, and I really couldn’t understand their reasoning. Why be a hater just because someone isn’t as hardcore as you? Why not accept the fact that not everybody enjoys first person shooters or complex RPG games? There’s room for all sorts of games and gamers, and one gaming style isn’t necessarily better than the other. The PS Vita rocks, and FPS games like MW3 rock, but this doesn’t mean that Nintendo or the 3DS suck. Far from it — Nintendo and its game systems offer something special to a unique fan base. I for one consider myself a “hardcore” gamer and I’m looking forward to new releases likes Max Payne 3, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy playing casual games like Mario Kart 7 or Pilot Wings Resort. As far as I’m concerned, I have the best of both worlds.

So how about it? What is your opinion in regards to Nintendo and its products?