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Learn More About Giants Revisited

Pathfinder Giants Revisited Sourcebook

Pathfinder fans should take note. A late May 2012 release is slated for Giants Revisited, game publisher Paizo’s newest supplement for the world class fantasy role playing game. Giants Revisited promises to be the definitive sourcebook for all things “giant.” Within the book’s 64 pages, Game Masters and players will find everything they need in order to understand these mythical creatures — everything from the unique habitats, social structures, and history of giant-kind. Ten races are fully explored, including storm giants, cloud giants, frost giants, stone giants, hill giants, rune giants, marsh giants, fire giants, the one-eyed cyclops, and the nomadic Taiga giants.

Giants Revisited will allow Game Masters to incorporate giants into Pathfinder campaigns with ease. Not only is the source material well organized and illustrated, GMs will find complete statistics for sample giant leaders and jarls. The book includes unique spells and magic items for both giant-kind and the industrious player characters looking to explore the secrets of the “big folk.”

The sourcebook is written for the Pathfinder RPG, but the information contained within can easily be utilized in other role playing games. Giants Revisited has been skillfully put together by the team of Jesse Benner, Ryan Costello, Brian R. James, Jason Nelson, Russ Taylor, and Ray Vallese. The book’s retail price is listed at $19.99, and gamers can place pre-orders at their favorite hobby and game stores to ensure they get a copy.