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YouTube, Bing added to Xbox 360 Dashboard

In November 2008 all the owners of Xbox had a new experience. “New Xbox Experience” (NXE) was introduced to all of them which changed the dashboard of the console drastically with the integration of completely new interface and many new features.

At the E3 conference this year Microsoft announced another new Xbox dashboard, thinking it to be an exciting announcement. The worst part of the announcement was that the new dashboard is not much different than what was given to console owners in 2008.

Many features offered in the new dashboard of Xbox is seen in the 2008 dashboard. Newly added is the Bing search and menu scroll can be switched from vertical to horizontal. Now, the Xbox can be treated like a new dog, said Microsoft referring to an animate object.

Microsoft also announced its partnership with YouTube. Now Xbox owners can few their favorite YouTube videos from the dashboard. Voice search has also been added using Bing Search. Suppose user want to search “Bing Search Lego”. Now they just have to say the three words and list of Lego games will be displayed with the help of Bing search engine.

A YouTube demo video of Bing on Xbox 360 is below. Enjoy watching. Meanwhile we bring for you more news coverage of Electronics Entertainment Expo. More brand new games are still to be revealed by gaming publishers. Keep commenting on the latest development at E3.

2011 – Year of Zelda and 3DS: Nintendo

Eyebrows were raised this morning at E3 conference when Nintendo announced Wii U and presented a highlight reel of Zelda games, celebration of 25 years of Zelda. This year, the company wanted putting on each of their hardware systems something related to Zelda.

On June 19 the 3DS version of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will hit the market with revamped graphics and also the frame rate will improve. It will be a glass free.

The game will be retaining the analog control with Circle Pad but a motion control will be something new on the 3DS to aim slingshots. and bows. This will help gamers to aim faster and with more accuracy.

The hint movies and Master Quest mode will remain in the new version to help the newbies solve puzzle if got stumped. Apart from all these, there will be Zelda: Four Swords co-op game that can be downloaded for free this September.

Zelda: Skyward Sword is a Wii game and much awaited by fans for long time. It is is in fact a classic revisitation of dungeon exploring that first began twenty-five years ago.

Beside Zelda, the American President and CEO of Nintendo announced some more games that is coming shortly on 3DS, which included Super Mario, Star Fox 64 3D and “tricked out” Mario Kart.

Are you all excited with the news of Nintendo 3DS? What about the Zelda fans? Happy going back to basics and can’t wait to experience Skyward Sword? Do comment below as we busy ourselves updating more news of E3 conference.

Glimpse of ‘Halo 4’ and ‘PS Vita’ At E3

Today the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), annual video game expo and conference, kick started in Los Angeles and the show will continue for three-day. The show is an important event for the gaming industry and this time Microsoft Corp, Nintendo Co. Ltd. and Sony Corp. are expected to dominate it with their new gadgets and games.

On Monday, ahead of the event, Microsoft showed a glimpse of its “Halo 4” in a pre-expo press. The game is a new interface for Xbox 360 and second wave of Kinect games. In the preview of the game, a damaged space ship was shown. Halo 4 is set to be released in 2012’s holiday season.

Sony unveiled the PlayStation Vita, the NextGen portable gaming device, which is a response to Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone. PlayStation Vita will go on sale later in 2012.

It is learned that PS Vita will be partnering only with AT&T in the U.S. and it will allow access to the 3G Internet along with Wi-Fi hotspots. According to sources, it will cost $249 for the Wi-Fi model and for a model with AT&T 3G access it will be price tagged at $299.

Sony also offered a demo of 3D game titles such as Resistance 3 and Uncharted: Drake’s Deception. The company also shared the information of offering a new 24-inch 3D PS-branded display which will facilitate two gamers to see different 3D images simultaneously and not to split the screen.

New Rumors About Project Café

CafecontrollerProject Café is the codename for Nintendo’s upcoming video game console and successor of the Wii. A lot of rumors have been heard about this console, this time a new report ensures that the Project Café (also named Wii 2) controller will have an integrated camera which will take snapshots and immediately send them to the videogames.

Many rumors have been said about this upcoming console, probably its controller will have and integrated HD screen, and now an integrated front camera, there are also some rumors about using the Nintendo 3DS as a controller for Project Café.

Again, this is all rumors, but all this information will be confirmed in the official Project Café presentation on June at the E3 event.