Sweet Tooth Is Back With Twisted Metal On Playstation 3

Sweet Tooth Is Back With Twisted Metal On Playstation 3

Twisted Metal is one of the longest running Playstion-exclusive franchise and its already in its 8th installment with the release of Twisted Metal for PS3 on February 14, 2012 which is rather in contradiction with the event called Valentines day which promotes love and romance as the game is about destroying enemy vehicles by any means necessary or whatever weapons you have at your disposal. Well, I’m pretty confident though that the game will still sell well regardless its release date. The game is very addicting and fun but in no way it promotes violence. Trust me, it is a very good game to release your stress and tensions.

Previous player already have a good picture of the game as it is very similar to the previous ones but with refinements, improvements as well as additions. The fact that you will be playing it on your PS3 plugged into your high-definition TV is a good enough reason to buy one. The game is extremely fun and exciting which has almost the same storyline with the previous ones but I honestly don’t care about the story as it is not the game’s redeeming feature. It is the gameplay that matters most. You can either use Sweet Tooth, Dollface or Mr. Grimm or any other vehicle and weapon you want.

This game is heavily dependent on Multiplayer and have been revealed that Twisted Metal will support up to 16 players which can choose different multiplayer modes such as Nuke Mode, Death match Mode. In the Nuke mode, you will play for the faction of your choice and the general aim of your faction is to destroy the opposing factions’ statue held in by a helicopter. In the process you also have to protect your statue from getting destroyed which basically means that you have to destroy enemy vehicles. You will do this by using old and familiar weapons as well as new ones which I will not be discussing anymore to get you more excited. Lock on your calendars folks, February 14, 2012 is our new target.

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