Sony Will Adapt PSP Games To PS3 With PSP Remaster

PSP RemasterSony will bring classic games from the PSP to the PS3 as part of a new category of games named PSP Remaster.

This games will be adapted in High Definition, with Dual Shock 3 compatibility, exclusive content for PS3, 3D ready and other special features. It will also be possible to transfer game saves from PS3 to PSP and vice versa.
The PS3 will also support wireless ad-hoc multiplayer sessions with PSPs with PSP Remaster titles.

This new series of games will debut on Japan and its first title will be Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD. This game has already sell more than 4.5 millions of units since the day that it was on sale on December 2010, there is no official release date for this first PSP Remaster title.

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