Persona 2: Innocent Sin Preview

Persona 2: Innocent Sin Preview

If you are not familiar with the Japanese games, you haven’t heard of the first Persona game. It was released only in a Japanese version in 1999, but the European and American players were surely fascinated by the good reviews given by the Japanese players. It was a time when blogs and forums were unknown, and the internet was a luxury. However, the producers thought about releasing the second version of the game called Persona 2: Innocent Sin. No, it will not be a completely new game, it will only be a remake of the old series, but the European and American players will surely be happy about having this game on their new Xbox and PS3 consoles.

The producers promised a new interface (of course!), a new engine, and some new quests. For the Japanese players, this will be a great method to remember their first playing years on PS1. For the rest of us, it is only a matter of time before we could find out why the Asian players were so fascinated about it.

The Famitsu magazine announces this game. It is believed that another game of the Persona series is developed, but we are not certain about this information.

The action takes place in Sumaru, a mythical city. Tatsuya Suou is the main character. She is transported in a parallel world along with her friend, and they have to face deathly experiences. Persona 2 allows the player to see its character from a third person view, and this is an innovation for Atlus, the producer of the game. The maps are tri-dimensional and it was one of the first games to introduce parties in a fight in 1999. We are sure this game will also be an innovation, and we can hardly wait for this title to hit the stores.

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