Mass Effect 3 To Invade The Consoles On March 2012

Mass Effect 3 To Invade The Consoles On March 2012

I guess you survived the first and second invasion of Mass Effect.  If you are reading this then you are probably ready for another mass effect to take place. Good news fellow gamer as the intergalactic and action-packed role playing game that we all have enjoyed will now have a third installment, it should be obvious as the next title is called Mass Effect 3. But before you go jumping due to excitement, it is advised that you have to first get the DLC expansion pack for Mass Effect 2 called “Arrival” as it will bridge the story of Mass Effect 2 and the upcoming one.

The game play is similar to that of the previous Mass Effect game but with improvements and additions. The combat mechanics have been changed but improved and the third person perspective has been emphasized. The cover system has also been improved and movements such as sprint and roll have been refined. The game is divided into three campaign modes: the Action Mode, the Story Mode and the RPG Mode.  The different campaign modes will have varying difficulty in terms of combat. There are now more options in terms of customization so get ready for extended hours dedicated for creating your player or deciding what weapons to use.

Good news for the fans and owners of previous games because Mass Effect 3 will allow you to import you character from either Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2. The importing of character is not limited to just seeing your beloved creation in Mass Effect 3 because, your character will have a bearing on the final chapters of the game. Of course, there will be a multiplayer co-op mode called Galaxy at War. It allows up to 4 players to take unique missions.

Ready yourself for another intergalactic war as Mass Effect3 is set to release on March 6 of this year.


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