Lucha Fury Preview


The game Lucha Fury has a charming fixation having incredible art style with high level neat sense of humor. It has been blended from an outlandish comic book and setting in a bombastic nature of Mexican wrestling.

The game sports series of good asinine design decisions. The combatants are overly sluggish and the attacks are a bit boring.

The costumes of Mexican wrestlers are colorful and Lucha Fury put his four players batting together with strange chicken fetish through gauntlet of spandex-clad weirdos.

Many game experts says the combos of Lucha Fury are incredible basic. Moreover, the new moves are completely superfluous and levelling up feature for collecting cash is missing. It can be said that Lucha Fury game is just half-baked multiplayer.

The Good of Lucha Fury

  • The game is gorgeous with cel-shaded art.
  • The graphics of beat em up game looks great in it.
  • You will find chickens to kick which will fetch extra points.

The Bad of Lucha Fury

  • The controls in the game seems sluggish.
  • Most of the time the character ice skates but half the time when you are beside it does not move legs.
  • The game lacks online co-op.
  • In one word it can be said that Lucha Fury is not fun.


Download the trail of Lucha Fury before you buy it.

Overall Score for Lucha Fury

I will give just 4 out of 10. It may have gone further down but the chicken kicking has saved it.


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