Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Now Available

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Now AvailableLego video games started with the Star Wars saga, now there are many LEGO video games, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman, Lego Harry Potter and even a Lego Rockband.

Now its time for Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean, a game created by Disney Interactive.

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean will not only focus on one movie, it will be a game created from the four movies of Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Phillip Ring, the video game producer is very proud of this release, specially for Nintendo 3DS since its not easy to make a game in 3D.

In Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean the characters will make the same movements as in the movies, you will see how Sparrow movements in the game will be identically to the movie, since they worked very close with all actors for this game, to see how they moved and to try to recreate it.

Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean  features more than 70 characters, and also the possibility to explore free locations from the films for more than 20 levels. There are also loads of character-specific weapons like grappling-hooks, swords, guns and as usual, there are plenty of unique puzzles to make the game a little tricky.

This game will have a cooperative mode and it will include a Free play mode, where players can  play the previously beaten levels so they can collect new items. This game is great for playing in family, its a simple but intelligent plot.

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean will arrive to stores on May 10 available for Wii,  and PSP

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