GameStop: 3DS Won’t Sell As Expected

GameStop, one of the most famous video games stores in the United States its disappointed with their 3DS sales, when the Nintendo 3DS was announced GameStop was very excited about all the sales they were going to do, but now they are saying that they don’t expect to sell a lot of 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS was officially on stores at the end of March and in this period of time according to Tony Bartel, president of GameStop, the 3DS has not been selling as it expected.

In the first week of its launch, 400,000 Nintendo 3DS consoles were bought in the United States, in Europe 303,000 Nintendo 3DS consoles were bought and finally in Japan’s first week of launch 371,000 consoles were bought. Even though a lot of 3DS consoles have been bought, this number has been decreasing through the weeks.

On ANintendo3DSpril, Nintendo confirmed that they have sold 3.61 million of 3DS all over the world at the end of March, but this was under their 4 millions of consoles that they expected to sell. Nintendo also said that they had not sold the amount of consoles they wanted to, at least on Japan because of the terrible earthquake that struck this country.

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