Final Fantasy XIII-2 Game Preview, Release Date And Latest Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wallpaper

Gamers have asked for a sequel for the latest Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XIII. Guess what gamers? SquareEnix have heard all your voices and decided to bring you Lightning again together with some new characters. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be a direct sequel of the 2009 role playing game Final Fantasy XIII. This sequels still belongs to the Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis just like its predecessor and the upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

The event that takes place 5 years after all the happenings in Final Fantasy XIII took place. Lightning, went missing to an unknown world. Serah Farron, her younger sister decides to look for her sister together with a new character named Noel Kreiss.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Game Preview and Release DateThere will be additional characters that can be played in the game and one of them is Lightning’s younger sister, Serah. Serah appeared only as an NPC on the previous Final Fantasy XIII. Another playable character is Noel Kreiss, a young man who can wield dual combinable swords.

Two other characters are known to be added on this series like the guy who was shown together with Lightning at the end of the official trailer. A young girl with short blonde hair and wears red clothes name Alyssa will also be an additional character in the game. While there are new characters on the game, Lightning and Snow will be making some appearances throughout the game.

Combat System

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Game Preview and Release DateA variation on the ATB system or Active Time Battle and the Paradigm Shift system will be used in Final Fantasy XIII-2. The player will also have the ability to control difficulties on battles using the new feature implemented on the game. “Cinematic Action” during some battles allows the player to gain the upper hand in combat by inflicting higher damage to their foes.

Feral Link

Final Fantasy XIII-2 also introduces a new system that allows the player to tame some monsters and use them as party members in battles. Feral link is a new system added to make the game more exciting. The Feral Link bar fills up as the player attacks an enemy while having a tamed monster in their party and giving the player the ability to make their tamed monster do a special attack once the bar is full.

Mog Clock

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Game Preview and Release DateUnlike Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII, monster can no longer be seen in maps but appears randomly when a player gets close, talk about old school Final Fantasy. The introduction of Mog Clock grants player different bonuses or penalties depending on how long before they engage the enemy. Mog Clock is a dial that appears just as the monsters appear on the screen and a 3 meter radius red ring surrounding the player.

Live Trigger

Live trigger allows players to choose from a variety of responses which wield yield different results when talking to an NPC or non playable character. This system was introduced to spice things up during conversation and not just a black or white answer. The game has multiple ending but none of it will be affected by the live trigger.

Anomaly System

Anomaly system is a puzzle like situation in a void between dimensions which when solved by the player can affect the problem in the real world.

Game Release Date

There are many speculations that Final Fantasy XII -2 will be released later this year. To confirm your doubts here are some target release dates for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

  • Final FantasyXIII-2 Release Date – Japan = December 2011
  • Final FantasyXIII-2 Release Date – North America = January 2012
  • Final FantasyXIII-2 Release Date – Europe = Early 2012

Here’s the latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer courtesy of Machinama:

Next time we will be reviewing about the different characters that will be on the game so stay tuned.

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