Darksiders 2 Review

Playing Darksiders gave the feel of War. The characters have caped brute having huge arms and bigger blade. The game is one of the most enjoyable till date. The game is full of bombastic fight and batty plot.

It is hoped that Darksiders 2 will also surely run alongside the first game style and events. As the original, it will too follow the Death’s attempts in getting War pardoned if accidentally kicked apocalypse before than what has been planned.

It is learned from sources that the Darksiders 2 will be featuring a larger world than the original and it will be full of light and dark realms. If this is so, there will be more bosses, more dungeons and of course vast array of some new enemies. PCGamer, a website on gaming world and technology, writes – “We can expect more of the armour and weapon upgrade systems that we saw in the first Darksiders as well.”

Another gaming and technology website, TechnologyFazer, writes that the development of Darksiders 2 story will be running similar to the celebrated 2010 exploration. It says that Death embark will be seen in it on a quest of transferring his brother to save mankind. The site’s review section marks the game as interesting.

Darkness 2 will be released on PlayStation, Xbox 360 and PC. It is set to be released in 2012.

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