Classic EA Titles On GOG.Com

gog_com_zekegaming announced on the official site, obtaining digital distribution rights to over 25 classic Electronic Arts titles, four of them – Wing Commander: Privateer, Dungeon Keeper and the Last Underworld / Underworld last two are already available for purchase.

Thus, in the coming months will be available games like Crusader: No Remorse, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri or Magic Carpet.

Unfortunately, the Syndicate and System Shock series are not part of this first agreement, representatives explaining that the evidence could not be included because of legal problems, but that further efforts are added to the catalog of digital distribution service .

Press Release :

In a ground-breaking, earthshaking, and jaw-dropping deal we’ve managed to sign with EA and will be releasing more than 25 legendary classics from the globally renowned publisher. With today’s announcement three widely known and much awaited brands get the revival treatment from Wing Commander: Privateer, Dungeon Keeper and Ultima Underworld 1+2.

We will be adding more than 25 titles from EA over the next few months, so the games will be unveiled gradually, but we can already reveal that the next upcoming titles from this huge deal are: Crusader: No remorse, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Magic Carpet.

While the agreement between Electronic Arts and brings back many acclaimed and well known franchises, it doesn’t include the much anticipated System Shock or Syndicate series at this time. After releasing the first six Electronic Arts classics, we will take a break from the concentrated awesome until later in the summer.

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