Captain America: Super Soldier Preview

Players will come to know what Captain America is like, in the epic third person adventure game set in the darkest days of the second world war, as the legendary Captain America goes about battling Red Skull and his army.

Using the Captain’s super powerful shield, the players would have to engage in free-flowing battle and acrobatic combat techniques and defeat the infamous Iron Cross including host of other horrible monsters serving the Red Skull.

As they are the First Avenger themselves, they have to defeat the evil scientist Arim Zola and stop him from doing dangerous war experiments. The game combines a high level of martial combats and shield attacks creating a devastating effect.

SEGA, the publisher of the game, said “Captain America: Super Soldier” is a combination of a highly advanced athletic combat system with a fluid platform and a set of highly tuned shield attacks. These features would help the Captain to survive as he goes about exploring a massive castle that has been turned into a military installation by the dark forces. The Cap’s shield has numerous uses: from taking out multiple enemies at once to deflecting back fire towards the enemies, solving puzzles and scaling walls. Players would have the ability to launch the shield at their enemies in an array, with the power of the world’s first super soldier. They would need all these power to overcome a castle full of the strongest enemies and mysteries at every turn.

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