Captain America: Super Soldier for PSP

Captain America: Super Soldier for PSPCaptain America, the iconic Marvel superhero is saying hello. Sega just announced an upcoming game entitled Captain America: Super Soldier for PSP and other consoles. It will be released in July 19, 2011 for both North America and Europe. Watch the video game trailer and get ready to save be amazed.

Captain America: Super Soldier for PSP is an action game published by Sega. Players will have the opportunity to become one of Marvel’s beloved heroes Captain America as he faces the evilness of the evil Red Skull and his legions. The game will take place in the darkest days of World War II. The game will be in third-person view with impressive graphics.

The game will also be released for the NDS, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii so there’s no need to worry anymore because everyone will be able to enjoy heroicness of Captain America in any of these consoles. Captain America: Super Soldiers will be based on the original story set in World War II. The story is headed by Christos Gage, who also wrote Marvel’s “Avengers: The Initiative” comic series.

There will also be an upcoming movie of Captain America but the game will not be tied to it but the game and the movie is both set in the same world where Captain America will face off against many unknown villains which includes Iron Cross, Hydra, Arnim Zola and Red Skull.

Are you ready for some action? Are you ready to be in the shoes of Captain America ultimate super soldier? Are you ready battle the evilness of the world with your legendary Shield? Then let’s do it, but before that don’t forget to watch the video game trailer so that you will see how cool it is to be a hero, to be Captain America.

Here’s a video game trailer of Captain America: Super Soldier courtesy of IGN:

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