Batman: Arkham City Release Date, Trailer and Preview

Batman: Arkham City Release Date, Trailer and Preview

Batman: Arkham City is the upcoming sequel of the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Batman: Arkham City will be available for Playstation 3, Wii U, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. The game was officially announced that Batman: Arkham City release date will be on October 18, 2011. Developed by Rockysteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, we can expect this game to be the talk of all gamers again.

Like its predecessor, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City is an action packed video game that offers an open world which incorporates predator tactics and the element of surprise and stealth.

Gadgets that have been obtained from Batman: Arkham Asylum will be available at the first part of Batman: Arkham City. Some of the gadgets have enhanced capabilities like the Cryptographic Sequencer which can now track signals.

Additional gadgets have also been included to make the game more exciting. Batman: Arkham City offers more puzzles which will keep you thinking like the Bat. Detective Mode will also be changed to an “Augmented Reality Mode” because they have found out that most players that have finished Batman: Arkham Asylum used Detective Mode most of the time.

There are also optional challenges coming from the Riddler for you to be able to collect trophies that are hidden all around Arkham City. Finding these trophies can give you a hard time but nothing is impossible if you interrogate some of Riddler’s loyal me. Just be sure to have your gadgets ready to disable all the death traps waiting for you.

Batman: Arkham City Release Date, Trailer and PreviewYou will be playing as Batman, who makes his way around Arkham City taking out one bad guy at a time.  In addition to the main missions, Batman: Arkham City has added lots of secondary mission that involves certain characters and their stories.

An enhanced version of the combat system from Batman: Arkham Asylum has also been implemented giving Batman to have multiple counters, improved reactions to thrown objects and even the use of his gadgets during combat.

Another playable character in Batman: Arkham City that has her own story line is Catwoman. She still has her own version of Batman’s Detective Mode called “Thief Vision” to help her locate the items worth stealing. What good is the Batman without Catwoman in the picture right?

There are over 400 additional challenges that you can complete. Not to mention that the main storyline may take up to 25 hours of gameplay.

Here’s the official Batman: Arkham City Trailer courtesy of IGN:

Batman: Arkham City release date is on October 18, 2011 but as early as today you can now make your pre order for Batman: Arkham City at Amazon


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