An Overview of CompTIA’s Specialty Series of Certifications

PCSpecific markets within IT need their own specialized training, and CompTIA realizes this. They offer a series of five certifications that can be earned as a way to certify training in these niche fields. Although these fields do incorporate basic IT knowledge, the associate job roles are far from basic – they are geared toward individuals in a certain IT environment, completing tasks and working on projects that pertain only to the overall mission of the field.

The five certifications offered by CompTIA include Cloud Essentials, Sales, Green IT, Healthcare IT Technician and Social Media Security Professional. Cloud computing and IT in cloud environments are the main topics of the Cloud Essentials certification; technical and administrative tasks will be examined. The Sales certification takes a technical look at regular sales activities, covering users, requirements, and solutions. The Green IT certification demonstrates the ability to use “green” techniques when developing an organizational infrastructure. In the Healthcare IT Technician certification, candidates will be examining healthcare IT systems in different clinical settings. Social media use in diminishing risks in organizations is the basis of the Social Media Security Professional certification.

CompTIA does not limit the number of specialty certifications that can be earned; candidates can become specialized in one, two, or more fields. This is especially useful for the pathways, such as Green IT, that commonly cross over into other fields. Multiple certifications also ensure job security; being able to work in different settings makes it easier to find a job, while companies often favor candidates with a wide range of job capabilities. Regardless, the specialty certifications are fantastic options for professionals seeking an enriching, hands-on career in IT.


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