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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a fun to play and entertaining game similar to War for Cybertron, the last Transformers game. Priced at $60, the single-player campaign features some of the favorites from the last game. It is made to be enjoyable for kids as well as for adults.

The combat of Dark of the Moon is simple and it revolves around a two-weapon system, melee attack, two special abilities and infinite ammo. In simple words it is only a fun little game.

Darksiders 2 Review

Playing Darksiders gave the feel of War. The characters have caped brute having huge arms and bigger blade. The game is one of the most enjoyable till date. The game is full of bombastic fight and batty plot.

It is hoped that Darksiders 2 will also surely run alongside the first game style and events. As the original, it will too follow the Death’s attempts in getting War pardoned if accidentally kicked apocalypse before than what has been planned.

Fallout Online – Review and Screens

Developer: Bethesda
Genre: Sci-Fi
Platform: Windows
Release Date: June 30, 2011

Fallout Online has stunning graphics and gripping sound tracks. The game has some of the cool character customizations which comes right into the battle scene. The game play seems highly realistic and it is also engaging as its expected by gamers.

The game gives a complete taste of essences of modern warfare with their cutting-edge own tampering technology. The weapons are powerful and the strategies are most effective.

Fully modern age game, Fallout Online is a winning war game if gamers master on the state-of-the-art techs and skillfully bug or decipher intelligence team. So, to escape choked to death, gamers need to work on these aspect in Fallout Online.

Fallout Online is Interplay’s massively multiplayer role playing game set. It will be surely one of the best-selling Fallout universe and award-winning game. In the game the player characters is seen roaming in the desert wastes and radiation-blasted mountain tops. A mutated forests is seen in the game of the post-apocalyptic world where decisions do have consequences along with several solutions to challenges.

Review – Crysis 2

The Good of Crysis 2:
01. The nanosuit and other big levels offer too much of flexibility.
02. One can find a strong depiction of devastated city.
03. Second half is really memorable and awesome battles.
04. One will find too much of lasting value with the full-featured multiplayer.
05. The best part of it that I liked is its outstanding soundtrack.

The Bad of Crysis 2:
01. Poor Al detracts excitement of the game.
02. There have been some online troubles observed.
03. First few hours of the game drags in fact.

It is always estimated that Crysis 2 has to give up high standard of gaming. The lush jungle vistas of it is stunning and looked authentic also. All the visual bells and whistles are not featured as it was expected earlier.

The jungle of urban variety of New York City is precise and it looks amazing. Gamers can make way through the giant office buildings, bridges and also the city squares facing robotic aliens swarming across rooftops and infesting hallways.

The large environment in Crysis 2 helps gamer to maneuver and gives space to grant freedom of approaching to battle in several ways. This is one of the main reasons the game is a good alternative to many first-person shooters. The game portrays the city excellent.

Crysis 2 has kept the reputation of original Crysis in technical benchmark. It is one of the best shooters and has more modest menu options. Well, it does not support DirectX 11 so advanced lighting techniques are missing in it. Overall, it is worth playing and purchasing.